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Over the past 20 years, we have refined the tools that student-athletes need during the college recruiting process to find their college match. Using our hands-on guidance, college matching tools and network of 35,000+ college coaches, more than 150,000 student-athletes have made commitments to their college choice. Today, NCSA is the world’s largest and most-experienced college athletic recruiting network, and we couldn’t be prouder to be the leader in college recruiting.


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We're proud to be the largest athletic recruiting platform since we were founded as the National Collegiate Scouting Association more than 15 years ago. The sports recruiting world has shifted, and we're always evolving to make recruiting better for college-bound athletes. Here's what makes Next College Student Athlete's approach different:

Your Recruiting Profile

You're not just a name in a list, and you're not just a highlight video. We help you make a central profile for your digital athletic recruiting presence.

Find out where you stand

Our Team of Recruiting Experts

Whether you're just looking for free recruiting advice or are seriously interested in how to get college scholarships, we'll make sure you get expert advice, completely personalized to you, to help you get recruited.

Meet our team

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You won't ever feel confused about where you stand with college scouting or the recruiting process with our resource library at your fingertips.

Discover tools

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Our recruiting experts often hear the question, "Do I really need a recruiting profile? If I'm good enough, won't coaches just find me?"

No one, no matter how much of a star player they are, can rely on serendipity in the recruiting process. Because of college recruiting regulations, time constraints and their athletic department's budget, college coaches don't have the resources to travel the country to see recruits.

You can become the next college student athlete. There's no better place to start. Not even close.

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Not sure where to start? These athletic recruiting resources will help.

  • Calling college coaches
  • 好用的梯子软件2022
  • 好用便宜的梯子

Scholarship Resources

Get the most out of college recruitment in your sports scholarship search.

  • Scholarships by the numbers
  • 室内楼梯踏步用什么大理石好?楼梯踏步材料|尺寸详解 - 本地 ...:2021-9-19 · 现在很多小伙伴买房的时候,都比较喜欢复式的,复式装修的时候自然少不了楼梯的装修,就有业主想知道关于室内楼梯踏步的知识,今天,看网友想知道室内楼梯踏步用什么大理石好?于是,就室内楼梯踏步给大家整理了关于室内楼梯踏步材料和尺寸的内容,赶紧和沈阳装修公司来看看吧!
  • Search for scholarships

Our Reviews

电动爬梯轮椅哪个牌子的好用_康爱多网上药店:2021-9-9 · 目前,很多高楼大厦吸引人群入住,但是却没有考虑到老年人或残疾人需要轮椅助行,高楼层没有电梯的话,对于他们外出很不方便。于此,科技创新了一种新款式轮椅--电动爬楼轮椅。那么,电动爬梯轮椅哪个牌子的好用?

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How we help every family on their path to college.

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